Chronic Pain

For those living with chronic pain, a Neurostimulator may be a great option. It is a small, surgically placed device that provides pain relief by disrupting the pain signals traveling between the trouble area and the brain. As one changes positions or moves throughout daily life, pain can intensify, making most activities very difficult. Using a handheld programmer, the strength of the stimulator can be adjusted to accommodate.

Some advantages to using a Neurostimulator:

  • Unlike other chronic pain treatments or surgeries, you can experience neurostimulation and see if it relieves your pain before committing to the long-term therapy
  • A screening trial serves as a temporary evaluation period. The screening trial is much like an injection, but instead of medication being placed into the epidural space, leads are positioned and connected to an external neurostimulator
  • Unlike oral medications that circulate throughout your entire body, spinal cord stimulation targets the precise area where you are feeling pain
  • Neurostimulators can be adjusted to address changes in pain as you switch positions throughout the day
  • A Neurostimulator may provide relief when other treatments – like medications or injections – have not

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